c.s / s.s Forged Carbon Steel
Rating     150# 300#
Size          1/2 “to 12”
Rating     800#
size          1/2 “to 2”

 Butterfly Valves

With a complete system of total quality control to ensure that the products only conform to established standards of quality and reliability, we proudly introduce ourselves as the leading manufacturer and exporter of different kinds of Butterfly Valves. Butterfly Valves are quick-opening valve that consist of a metal circular disc or vane with its pivot axes at right angles to the direction of flow in the pipe, which when rotated on a shaft, seals against seats in the valve body. We lead in the manufacturing of different types of Butterfly Valves. With our very reasonable pricing, we are occupying the standard market place, fulfilling the demand of the industry.

Butterfly Valve Avaliable in :

  • Lever Operated
  • Gear Operated

Seat Type :  Integrally Moulded

According to Standards :   API 609/ BS5155 / IS 13095 / MSS SP-67

Sizes:   1.5 ” to 48″

WCB, WC6, WC9 CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M, LCB, LCC, Hastelloy, Hastelloy C, Duplex, Monel, and others

Butterfly Valves –  BFV 350-1600 FE OFFSET
Butterfly Valves –  BFV PN-10 WAFER TYPE LIVER OP
Butterfly Valves – BFV PN-10 WAFER TYPE GEAR OP
Butterfly Valves –  BFV WF PN10-16_001 – PN.ACTU
Butterfly Valves –  BFV PN10-PN16 LUG TYPE LIVER OP
Butterfly Valves –  BFV PN10-PN16 LUG TYPE GEAR OP