About Us

Aqua Engineering is a Leading manufacturer of high-quality industrial valves, for industries ranging from Power, Steel, Oil and Natural Gas to Chemicals, Waste Water, Potable Water among others, for global markets. We provide comprehensive “Flow Control Solutions” for any and every need.

Aqua Engineering provides a competitive line of process components for hygienic process applications. Our extensive hands on experience, and understanding of industry standards norms, assures our customers the very best in product design and quality. We pride ourselves in providing competitive pricing, Just In Time Delivery, and excellent customer support.

The company designs hydraulically-operated, actuated valves. Aqua Engineering high quality control valves can be found throughout the world – whether it’s a municipal water system , oil refinery , irrigation system.
Located in Ahmedabad, Aqua Engineering is a privately owned company. The company has over huge manufacturing space – one of the most modern facilities in the country. This on-site facility allows the company to maintain top quality control for all of its valves. Aqua Engineering has trained engineers, administration, sales and support services staff.